You Cannot Fail



You Cannot Fail

Every life has a story…

My life story has been fraught with a series of battles and victories. It has been a journey based on the belief that “you cannot fail,” a sort of mantra instilled in me by my parents from a very young age. To this day, I hear their encouraging voices each morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep.

An obstacle can be a catalyst to live life fully. For me, cystic fibrosis has been that – a ‘marching order’ for the purposeful way I lead my life. I struggle to stay medically compliant and to exercise to remain healthy. Exhaustion, challenges and fears have all visited me. But the one constant is my drive and the need to succeed. I always remember my parent’s mantra – You Cannot Fail.

Heroes are everyday people who thrive when faced with adversity. They fight with conviction and strength. The purpose of this site and the book You Cannot Fail is to share inspirational stories of people living relatively normal lives in a heroic manner. Yours is a story I want to hear and share with others.

So tell me… what is YOUR story?

About Us. About You.

Share your inspirational stories here. You Cannot Fail encourages living life creatively to transform and transcend obstacles and create NEW possibilities.

Jerry Cahill, author and founder of You Cannot Fail, is driven, strong-willed and disciplined. Living with a chronic illness Jerry has circumvented obstacles through exercise, optimism and determination.

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