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Jerry shares what type of mask he wears while traveling or visiting the doctor.



Skylar from California asked Jerry the best way to move from stationary biking to cycling outdoors. The most important thing, to Jerry, is remembering the mantra ‘safety first.’ He gives a number of suggestions to make the transition as…



After receiving a Facebook message asking about how he keeps his nasal passageways clear and germ-free, Jerry took to his Wind Sprint page to share his response.
As a part of his daily hygiene, Jerry uses Nozin, a nasal sanitizer, to kill the germs…



Where can you find a more exciting, challenging replacement for a stationary bike? Jerry Cahill suggests finding a spin class in your area. For him, spin classes at Bad Ass Academy push him harder, incorporates a more challenging group setting, and…



In this video, Jerry addresses the question: what exercises can you do outdoors if you are worried about the cost of a gym or cross-infection? He demonstrates a number of exercises he uses while at local parks and tracks.
This Wind Sprint was made…



In this video, Jerry – along with some of the high school pole-vaulters he coaches – demonstrates several abdominal workouts that you can do anywhere! They focus on flutter kicks, bicycles, rope climbs, and leg raises.
This video was made…



In this video, Jerry answers Erin’s tweet about how to build her triceps. He offers several exercise options and reminds everyone to start with a weight you can handle and to only increase the weight once you feel comfortable.
This Wind Sprint…



The gym can be intimidating – which is why Jerry suggests focusing on specific exercises and body areas when you go. In this video, he concentrates on chest exercises because they benefit people with CF by opening their chest cavities and…



In this video, Jerry shares some of his favorite bicep exercises using weights and bands as well as the importance of hydration.
This CF Wind Sprint was made possible through an unrestricted education grant from Gilead to the Boomer Esiason Foundation.



Congratulations to our very own CF Ambassador, Jerry Cahill, for reaching such an amazing milestone! The Boomer Esiason Foundation CF Podcast series has been a huge success for the past ten years – providing educational and informative podcasts…