54 Years Old and Living-Breathing Succeeding With Cystic Fibrosis
Episode #0026: Sacks For CF Scholarship Program

Sacks for CF Scholarship Program 

  • Sacks for CF is a scholarship program funded by CHIRON CORP. – the manufacturers of TOBI® for inhalation.
  • Jerry states: “TOBI® has made a major impact on treating respiratory infections and has given me a better quality of life?
  • CHIRON CORP has given a charitable grant of over $170,000. To the Boomer Esiason Foundation Grant Program.
  • Sacks for CF will award 15 scholarships to people with CF who strive for therapy adherence and academic success.
  • Scholarship details and applications are available at: www.sacksforcf.com

More information is available by visiting the Boomer Esiason web site: www.esiason.org
Deadline for ALL applications: Friday, February 24th 2006
Winners announced: Friday, March 10th 2006

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