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You Cannot Fail

  Three simple words define my life motto: You Cannot Fail. Thirteen letters that keep me going despite cystic fibrosis, a lung transplant, two partial knee replacements and other obstacles I’ve faced in my 61 years.   I was reared READ MORE



Bouncin’ Back

Well, here I sit, staring at four walls, unable to ride my bike, work out, coach, or run. I’m stuck here in my apartment for the next two weeks as I recover from a partial knee replacement. This lifestyle is READ MORE



  It’s easy to become complacent. Life is rocking along, you’re feeling well, doing what you love to do, so one busy day, you decide to skip a treatment or neglect to take your pills. After all, you’re doing great, READ MORE



  “Yours is a story, So brave and so true And life is awaiting The hero in YOU.” – Unknown   I grew up as one of five boys in a family of six kids. My parents encouraged me to READ MORE